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A change agent and problem solver with a passion for technology skilled in grasping the big picture conceptualizing , developing and implementing solutions . I have transitioned and evolved over the years learning rapidly to find my passion in innovation and digitization , in which I aim to further excel and make a mark .

I have co-founded and Indutsrial IOT company Hermit Labs Private Limited and is currently incubated under SAXEED program at TU-Freiberg.

I take keen interest in solving various challenging problems leveraging the use of IOT in both domestic and industrial field .

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A list of selected completed and ongoing projects.

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Client Project

Wear Detector

Client Project

Asset Tracking and Monitoring System

Personal Project

Vibrating Screen Health Monitoring

Internal Project

Appoinment Booking System

Client Project


List of few events where Hermit Labs has been nominated.

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My startup Hermit Labs has been Incubated at TU Freiberg under the "Freiberg Innovation Incubator" program .

Future Sax

Hermit Labs Nominated for Future Sax Audince Choice Awards.

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